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a store front at day

South-East Asia

Kyochon has continued to expand its business in Southeast Asia, starting with Jakarta, Indonesia in 2013, followed by Malaysia, Thailand, and the Philippines in the same year. In the Southeast Asian market, Kyochon has become a brand that is easily enjoyable and accessible by everyone, regardless of age or gender, thanks to its localized menus and K-chicken menus, based on its strategically situated locations in popular shopping centers and commercial areas. In particular, Kyochon locations have opened in the form of casual restaurants in Malaysia’s landmark shopping centers, such as IOI, Aeon, Sunway, and Genting Highland, driving the K-chicken craze in the country. In addition, Kyochon has been widening its Islamic customer base by raising its brand awareness as a halal-certified brand, with newly added vegan menus. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak in 2019, Kyochon has collaborated with Grab to open delivery specialty locations, which continue to rank at the top in the app’s volume of orders to this day. In 2022, Kyochon Chicken opened its first in-airport location at the KLIA International Airport, which the company hopes to serve as a bridgehead for international travelers flying in and out of the airport.