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a store front at day


Kyochon signed a contract with Galadari F&B based in Dubai, UAE in 2021 for 9 countries in the Middle East (e.g., UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar), and opened its first UAE location in Deira City Center Shopping Mall, located in Dubai’s main shopping district, in December of the same year. Kyochon opened 4 additional locations in major commercial areas in Dubai within 6 months of opening its first UAE location, as part of its plan to expand the business aggressively in the early stage and increase brand awareness. The five locations that are currently being run have been customized according to a business portfolio that encompasses casual dining, delivery-specialized, and food courts to suit the local demand. In addition to the traditional chicken menus, Kyochon UAE is providing a variety of chicken sandwich menus that have been accommodated to suit the taste of locals as well as Korean dishes for customers who want to experience Korean cuisine. Galadari F&B is a company specializing in store operation, positioning, and logistics system of food service businesses, having successfully operated over 1,000 stores of global brands in the Middle East and North Africa. Kyochon and Galadari are in talks to expand the business across the entire Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, starting in 2023.